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How Is This Blog Different From The Gazillion Other "Make Money Online" Blogs Out There?


"One of the best ways to learn how to increase traffic to your website is with case studies. They allow you to take a sneak peak behind the scenes at things you wouldn’t normally get to see and then you can learn what has worked for other people before replicating it for your own sites." Matthew Woodward (

Hi, my name is Steve and Matthew Woodward's above quote really resonates with me: I HATE generic, fluffy, ZERO value-add content that's only written for the sake of posting something (which is unfortunately more and more common even  amongst  well respected "A list bloggers"). 

So I decided I won't publish often, but when I do, it's gonna be a well-detailed, insightful, step by step case study documenting my personal, real life, first hand experience with making money online so all you have to do is "copy/paste" what I did.

I'll never bore you with theory or generic advice: I"ll talk exclusively about my own experiences, including my successes and failures! Also, I won't hide behind "Oh, I can't share my exact URLs with you guys, so just take my word for it." type of bullshit, either.

I'll reveal everything but my passwords! That's something you can't find anywhere else!

Just check out some of my most recent posts to see what I'm talking about:

Your unfortunate looking host: Steve Fabian

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About Steve & Lionello

Steve Fabian

Steve Fabian

25 yrs

After I've had it with useless, BS, non actionable, fluffy advice when it comes to SEO and making money online, I decided to create the blog that I would have wanted to read when I first got started: 

A blog with only high value, actionable, step by step blueprints presented in the form of verifiable case studies that people can just take and "copy/paste" for themselves.

My "road to riches" so that I actually have enough proof and credibility to successfully teach this stuff wasn't an easy one though.

In fact, it took me 7 years of grueling hard work and sacrifices to really start making money online.

I remember it clearly: I was just 17 years old when I built my first site in the dating niche...

Finally, meet Lionello the "Business Lion", my loyal helper and personal assistant. He has multiple purposes:

  • Branding: he makes this blog more memorable
  • He makes the content more digestible and "fun"
  • He calls your attention to important sections within the content, so that you don't miss what matters the most!

If you become a regular reader, you'll be seeing him around the blog quite often.




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