I'll cut to the chase right away. As Matthew Woodward once said:


 Matthew Woodward 

Award Winning Internet Marketing Blogger

"One of the best ways to learn how to increase traffic to your website is with case studies. They allow you to take a sneak peak behind the scenes at things you wouldn’t normally get to see and then you can learn what has worked for other people before replicating it for your own sites."

Hi, my name is Steve and I've had it with useless, BS, non actionable, theory and fluff packed "advice" when it comes to SEO, link building, affiliate marketing, email marketing and online marketing in general.

I'm sure you know the content I talk about.

Here's The Type Of Content You'll NEVER Find On This Blog 

Meaningless, boring, beaten to death, zero value-add posts like "5 Reasons to Increase SEO Traffic", or "5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog" etc...

Your unfortunate looking host: Steve

Basically, if a post doesn't have step by step instructions about how I made money with something online, and if it doesn't include real, verifiable proof in the form of a domain name or URL, then it has no place on this blog.


Sorry if I seem frustrated, but I'm angry as F*CK with those types of worthless piece of sh*t articles that litter the web and waste literally YEARS of peoples' lives.

At least for me, they wasted 7 years I'll never get back. That's 7 years I lost "thanks" to reading bad advice by people who actually had ZERO idea of what they were talking about, because they had ZERO first-hand, personal experience in the subject matter (or they only got lucky once and thought themselves experts from that point).

The worst part is, nowadays more and more "A list bloggers" started pumping out regurgitated crap, too. And they actually get away with it, because no one dares to call them out on their crap!

stop low quality content

"Let's put a STOP to mediocre, unoriginal content!"

But that has to stop! So...

Here's The Type of Content You WILL Find Here Instead

So I decided to create the blog that I would have wanted to read when I first got started: a blog with only high value, actionable, step by step blueprints presented in the form of verifiable (i.e.: domain/URL included) case studies that you can just take and "copy/paste" for yourself.

There are two things common in case study posts like these:

  1. They share the personal, first hand experience of the author in incredibly detailed ways. No generic BS or fluff.
  2. They actually help(ed me) by offering exact, step by step road-maps to follow to get the same results.

That's why the content on this blog is going to be strictly case studies (hence the name of this blog):

  • Stuff that I tried, tested and verified myself. 
  • Stuff that I have real world experience with.
  • Stuff that already made me money (and EXACTLY how!).
  • Stuff that YOU can take and follow step by step to achieve the same results.

If that sounds like something you want more of, subscribe below to get notified whenever I release a new post:

point left

If you're interested in my story from the beginning, read on...

How Following the Bad "SEO And Blogging" Advice Wasted 7 Years Of My Life

I remember when I started out in SEO, I literally had no idea what I was doing. There was a lot of misinformation and conflicting advice across the web. It took me 7 years of trial and error and thousands of dollars wasted to learn how to make money online properly.

While I built my very first site in 2010, I had to wait until 2017 to finally have a blueprint I can follow to build high traffic & profitable websites. 

Yes, although I started in 2010, this photo of me was taken in 2016, when I was still so unsuccessful that I lived in this ultra small 5 square meter room with another guy (whom I could NOT stand btw), barely making ends meet.

I was still barely making ends meet in 2016, 6 years (!) into my online journey

Now when this photo was taken I had no idea that almost a year later I’d be making $1,000s per month with my online ventures combined, thanks to my own strategies, blueprints and unique approaches that I developed.

Now I know that a few thousand dollars per month might not seem a lot compared to the income claims by big gurus, but don’t forget: I’m no award winning blogger, guru or someone with a big following who had a ton of cash to invest in my projects. I had to bootstrap everything as an "underdog", on a university study allowance of $114 per month.

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you: in the eastern European country where I live and study engineering, $114 a month is actually considered a high stipendium.

And I built everything I have today from this very low monthly budget plus the terribly low paid ($3/hour) part time jobs I could find. I had to use this little money to pay for...

  • all my websites
  • all my domain names
  • all my hosting accounts​​​​
  • all my WordPress themes
  • all my plugins
  • and all the tools I used to build several online businesses (most of which failed, btw).

Yeah... to say I’m an "underdog" would be an understatement (no pun intended).

So thousands of dollars per month is actually a life changing amount of money for me. Remember that dorm room pic of me and contrast that with the fact that this summer I could finally travel to a nice seaside resort... and take my family with me.

Thanks to my online income, I could take my father, mother (who took the pic) and sister to a nice seaside vacation!

Once again: my father, sister and me (poor mom, looks like she was always the one taking the picture and missing out on being in the photo)

I could also take my father on a trip to Dublin which has been a lifelong dream of his.

My father and me in Dublin

In case you’re wondering, yes we visited the Guiness factory and I learned how to craft the perfect pint of Guinness.

We (me, my dad, my cousin) visited the Guinness Factory in Dublin, again, all paid for by my online businesses.

Anyway, now let me give you a few actual case studies - to be true to the blog's name - about my past failures and successes:

(2010) My First Failure: Passionate-Romantic-Ideas.com

I remember it clearly: I was just 17 years old when I built my first site in the dating niche.

Back then I listened to a guru called Ken Evoy who was teaching a „build it and they will come” mentality which worked surprisingly well for him, he even had a ton of case studies to prove it. 

So using his approach – long story short - I wasted 2 years of hard work writing content... for a site that never earned any real money.

Yep, even after 2 years of hard work, my site still failed miserably (in fact it was even hit by Panda back then).

The domain name of that site was passionate-romantic-ideas.com (yes, 2 dashes!). You can still see how ugly it looked if you go to archive.org:

My very first "ugly as hell" website in the dating niche.

This was the very first time I realized that I was listening to the wrong advice. Because what worked for the "guru" and his success stories did NOT work for me.

And I had to learn that the hard way, after wasting 2 years of my life on my dating site, and another 2 years by trying to make the same approach work on other sites I built (needless to say they all kept on failing). 

(2014) My Next Big Failure With PBNs: KitchenPursuits.com

Fast forward to 2014 and after about a dozen different failed projects after Passionate-Romantic-Ideas.com (which all failed thanks to following the "build it and they will come" / "publish and pray" mentality, my next big fail came in 2014, when I tried to build a website using what was all the rage back then: private blog networks.

newbie question

Newbie Box:

What Are Private Blog Networks?

If you already know what private blog networks are, feel free to skip this section.

According to Wikipedia:

"A blog network, also known as a link farm, is a group of blogs that are owned by the same entity. A blog network can either be a group of loosely connected blogs, or a group of blogs that are owned by the same company. The purpose of such a network is usually to promote the other blogs in the same network and therefore increase the search engine rankings or advertising revenue generated from online advertising on the blogs."

In other words, you buy a bunch of domain names with good link profiles (aka strong SEO juice) and link from each to the website (your "money site") that you want to rank highly in Google.

This is of course highly against Google's webmaster guidelines, and Google took massive actions to penalize people who were using PBNs to game the search results.

Here's why I do NOT recommend you use private blog networks anymore.

Every SEO guru and their dog was hyping up how powerful PBNs were and how they were making tens of thousands of dollars by gaming Google with PBNs.

So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try to rank a niche site using my own custom built PBN (while following every piece of advice every SEO guru offered about building PBNs of course):

That site was at kitchenpursuits.com and you can still see some of the content I published on it if you check out this screenshot from 2014.

My next big failure (thanks to Private Blog Networks)

Can you guess what happened to it?

Yes, Google deciced to penalize most PBNs just around that time and of course my private network was slapped in that penalty, too. 

And that was the second time I had to face the reality: what worked for SEO gurus, did NOT work for me.

This not only rendered another 12 months of my life completely meaningless in terms of SEO, but I also lost thousands of dollars that I spent on my PBN.

Again, $1,000s might not seem that much to you, but don’t forget that I scraped together those dollars on my $114 per month study allowance and the terribly low paid part time jobs I could do besides my studies, which earned me about 3 dollars per hour (which is actually quite a good wage in the Eastern European country where I live).

So once again, I was screwed thanks to all the worthless, piece of sh*t advice floating around on the web.

But then something great happened...

(2016) My First REAL Success: ManVsWeight.com

Then in 2016 something great happened: I decided to build another site in the fitness niche. This time around, I finally found people who actually knew what they were talking about, guys like:

Thanks to them, I quickly learned about white hat SEO and outreach link building, so I decided that that was what I would try next.

Why did I go whitehat? Since I burned myself with black hat stuff before, I decided to go white hat instead.

The bottom line is that thanks to following the right advice and applying my own twists and unique approaches along the way, I was able to take ManVsWeight.com from ZERO to over 78,000 visitors a month with hundreds of first page Google rankings and thousands of dollars every month in passive income.

From ZERO to 78k+ visitors per month to a brand new blog

The first REAL money I earned thanks to my website(s)

I’d like to be upfront with you and tell that today manvsweight.com is not my only site. Since I cracked the SEO/link building code and saw how easy it was to build high quality, white hat backlinks at scale, I built more sites in different niches and had the same awesome success.

For example one of my sites is in the Forex and trading niche, and since I started it a few months ago I already earned $5,398.82 by promoting just one single ClickBank product, completely passively.

My brand new site in the Forex niche earned over $5,000 so far

Not bad for a guy with 

  • zero connections
  • zero upfront capital
  • zero authority
  • and who used to live in that dirty college dorm room I showed you above.

(2017) My Next Big Success/Failure (?): OnlineBusinessCaseStudies.com

The moral of my story is that throghout those 7 years of struggling I realized one thing: 

Failure is difficult. Success is easy!

What I mean by that is that if you're following the wrong advice then you can spend hours, days, weeks, months and even years in front of your computer working super hard like a madman, and you're still gonna fail.


... if you follow the right advice, then you won't have to work nowhere near as hard and as much to earn a very decent passive income online.

That's why I say that failure is difficult, but success is easy! 

And what's the best way to find the right advice and follow/execute it?

You guessed it: CASE STUDIES!

So that's why I created OnlineBusinessCaseStudies.com: I'll share with you all my 100% free case studies about how I'm making money online personally. If you like one of my case studies

  1. just take it
  2. run with it
  3. and earn some money with it. 

And once you master a case study and it's running for you "passively" on autopilot, just come back and check out another one of my case studies and apply that as well.

Then rinse and repeat!

Sounds fun? Great! Then let's get started!

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Hope to see you around the blog and do let me know if you have any questions or comments about anything.

You can contact me at steve@onlinebusinesscasestudies.com

Wishing you success beyond your expectations!


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